Beard Oil


Beard Oil

We formulated beard oil with our special blend of organic golden jojoba & argan oil, that your beard and face will drink up. Nourishes and strengthens your whiskers and keeps the skin below in prime condition. No more of that dreaded beard-ruff!

To Use: Apply several drops of oil to your fingers & work through from skin to end to replenish & balance the moisture in your beard.


Barber Shop  - A classic barber shop scent! Strong & Masculine. 

Bourbon Vanilla - The warm, rich & alluring aroma of bourbon with a lightly sweet vanilla overtone.

Cool Sage - Earthy fresh, with crisp citrus and herbaceous woods. 

Citrus Pine  - A woodsy scent with a citrus finish. 

Tobacco Bay Leaf - Voted Customer FAVORITE! Notes of bay leaf and fir needle mingle with Cedarwood and crisp Bergamot with a warm tobacco base make up this bold mesmerizing scent.

Ingredients: Organic Golden Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Essential Oil Blend/Fragrance.