In 2013, Sue Flynn grew tired of the bland corporate-peddled, chemical-laden offerings she encountered everyday while shopping for personal care products.  She began experimenting with her own soaps, essential oil blends, and other products with a focus on the use of high-quality, natural ingredients. It started as a hobby but friends and family began requesting her soaps so frequently that she realized that her passion project had more potential than she had ever imagined.  Together with her husband, Mike, she launched Lakeside Soaps & Oils with the mission to provide quality, all-natural, hand-crafted personal care products at a reasonable price. Mike and Sue have long believed that the benefits of natural personal care products are too great to restrict their availability only to the wealthiest among us.  Lakeside charges affordable prices for their products because they sincerely believe everyone deserves access to their life-changing benefits. Although it has grown beyond their wildest dreams, Lakeside remains a small family-run company committed to producing small-batch, handmade products of the highest quality. Lakeside hopes to make their products even more widely available without compromising the core values and principles that have brought it here.